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Compassionate Care, Advanced Technology

Arlington Animal Hospital, Inc. and 24 Hour Emergency Center is unique.  Based in Riverside, we have served the Inland Empire for over 50 years!  We are an animal hospital totally dedicated and purpose driven to provide the highest level of veterinary medicine to our patients.  With our advanced capabilities, we provided extraordinary care and value for your pet’s healthcare.

How do we accomplish this?  We practice veterinary medicine based upon more extensive education, advanced technology and continual education and training.  We utilize advanced equipment and offer a wide range of advanced services that other general veterinary practices can’t match.  We are open 24/7 so we are there when you need us.  We offer wellness and chronic disease plans to make high quality veterinary care affordable and operate according to evidence based techniques.  With this level of care we can minimize surgical and postoperative complications and avoid unnecessary or inappropriate procedures.  The end result……efficient treatment, faster recoveries, more consistent outcomes, reduced expense and the most important, a better and more satisfying client-patient experience.

We provide an extensive menu of equipment, technology and techniques available for your pet.  We are experienced in the management of conditions such as hip dysplasia, fracture repair and cranial cruciate ligament injury.  We can perform advanced soft tissue surgery related the thorax, abdomen and urogenital system.  We can perform advanced reproductive services such as surgical insemination and transcervical insemination (TCI).  We well versed in the management of complicated internal medicine cases.  We do all this in the pursuit of helping your pet heal faster!  Click on our Services tab to see all our available services.

At Arlington Animal Hospital we represent medical integrity and emphasize efficiency and economically priced care, all while demonstrating the highest standards of veterinary care.  We believe that if our clients consistently receive fantastic care for their pets, they become clients for life.  We love our clients and patients and we want to keep our clients for the life.  Come see for yourself!

Compassionate Care…..Advanced Technology, it’s more than just a statement.  It’s our promise and pledge with the long term well-being of your pet in mind.  We consider proven options and yet can provide creative solutions.  We weigh the severity of the procedure, the activity and age of your pet, your desired outcome, the inherent risks and the feasibility of care in our cooperative decision planning.  Often times the costs of care are less with us because our clinical approach minimizes complications, repeated visits and unnecessary procedures.  We don’t coerce, guilt or hard-sell our diagnostics, treatments or surgery.  We provide the information and help you make an informed decision.

The bottom line is this - our priority is not the number of cases we see but the incomparable quality of care we provide.

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Riverside, CA 92503
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