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A.D.S. 1000 Anesthesia Delivery/Ventilator


“An unprecedented breakthrough in anesthesia delivery”

The A.D.S. 1000 represents an advanced way of delivering anesthesia which enhances safety while in surgery.  We believe this machine will completely change the way anesthesia and ventilation therapy is administered to veterinary patients.  With the knowledge that the patient is always breathing, the veterinary practitioner can completely focus on the procedure at hand without distraction.

The A.D.S. 1000 is not an accessory, it is a stand alone anesthesia / ventilator delivery system.  The A.D.S. 1000 can be used without a vaporizer strictly as a ventilator unit.  With two built in modes available the A.D.S. 1000 can ventilate and deliver anesthesia to a wide range of animals.  In NORMAL MODE the patient weight ranges from between 2 and 68 kilograms.  In the LAB MODE patient ranges from below 2 kilograms to as small as a 100 gram patient.  This Lab mode feature is ideal for exotic animal surgery.

The A.D.S. 1000 contains an internal battery backup with the capability of operating as a portable unit for a period of 12 hours.  This backup system also supplies protection against power surges and blackouts.

The A.D.S. 1000 is controlled by an electronic microprocessor.  This microprocessor is preprogrammed with the necessary breathing parameters which controls a combination of electronic valves and electronic sensors.  The electronic valves are open only on aspiration thus reducing waste gases and risk of gases escaping into the operating room.

The A.D.S. 1000 preset parameters are fully programmed.  The veterinary staff member enters the patient weight and the A.D.S. will automatically display the breathing parameters for that patient.  However, if the operator determines that his patient requires other values, the preset breathing parameters can be altered at any time.  This feature gives the operator complete control and safety of administering anesthesia to the patient.

With negative pressure systems the patient may take a shallow breath and other times a deeper breath causing and up and down cycle of depth of anesthesia.  With positive pressure (A.D.S. 1000) the patient will always receive a consistent breath based on the set breathing parameters, allowing the patient to achieve a linear depth of anesthesia which is considered safer.  Since the patient will always receive a consistent breath, to the same aspiration pressure, it is easier to maintain a patient on lower anesthetic settings.

  • Internal 12 hour battery backup.
  • Mask mode to maintain patient on mask anesthesia.
  • Breathe function for manually assisted breathing at any time.
  • Fill and hold mode for thoracic procedures.
  • Mechanical pop-off value for additional safety.
  • On-the-fly adjustment of all parameters.

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