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Baxter Auto Syringe AS50A Infusion Pump


“Avoid the peaks and valleys of bolus dosing and reduce unwanted side-effects”

The Baxter Auto Syringe AS50A Infusion Pump is designed to meet the fluid and drug delivery requirements of today’s challenging clinical environment.  It provides accurate, continuous or intermittent infusion of intravenous solutions, drug solutions, whole blood and packed red blood cells.  The pump is indicated for infusion via intravenous, intra-arterial, epidural or subcutaneous routes of administration.  It can be piggybacked into an ongoing infusion line to deliver secondary solutions automatically, precisely and economically.  A numeric keypad simplifies programming and makes the pump easy to use.  During programming, the status display prompts the user to enter data about the syringe and the infusion.  While the pump is running, the status display shows information about the infusion.  Safety and effectiveness are reinforced by pre-programmable bolus operation, titration of a dose without interruption of fluid flow and easily understood alarm and alert messages.

  • The AS50A has advanced programming capability, including variable occlusion sensitivity, automatic syringe size recognition, a Drug Library option with drug-specific infusion parameters stored in memory, and keypad lock
  • Provides for accurate continuous or intermittent infusion via intravenous, intra-arterial, epidural or subcutaneous routes of administration of one or more equal doses according to a programmed schedule
  • It can program in mL/hr, units/hr, mg/minute, or mg/kg/minute with varying concentrations in mg/mL
  • The AS50A has an LCD readout which displays the syringe manufacturer and size, the infusion rate, overbody weight, concentration, next dose, total volume limit and total volume delivered
  • All pumps can also be piggy-backed into an ongoing IV line to automatically deliver secondary medications
  • Delivery rates from 0.1 mL/hr - 360 mL/hr (syringe-dependent)
  • Accuracy: +/- 3% (not including syringe tolerance)

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