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Baxter Flo-Gard® 6301 Dual Channel Volumetric Infusion Pump


“Intravenous fluids – the life-saving benefits are too numerous to mention”

The Baxter 6301 is a dual channel IV pump that has a programmed delivery profile.  The Baxter Flo-Gard 6301 Dual-Channel Volumetric Infusion Pump are industry standard in standard set infusion pump technology.  The Flo-Gard 6301 Dual Channel Volumetric Infusion Pump from Baxter can deliver a wide variety of fluids over a broad range of infusion rates.  The Baxter 6301 offers two channels so that can deliver fluids to two patients at once.  The auto-restart feature means that when the animal bends its arm and causes an occlusion, the pump will re-start automatically once the arm straightens enough for the pressure to be released ensuring consistent and accurate fluid administration.

Enhanced Safety

  • Flow Check Occlusion Alarm offers an in-line resistance display of incremental back pressure.
  • Flow Rate Calculation is automatic after volume and time are selected.
  • Slide Clamp Option offers an additional step to protect against inadvertent gravity free-flow.
  • Front Panel Lock-out protects against tampering.
  • Flow check occlusion alarm
  • Flow rate calculation
  • Programmed delivery profiles
  • Incremental flow rate
  • Automatic restart once occlusion clears
  • Automatic piggybacking for secondary medications
  • Five-hour memory retains infusion data after power-off

Greater Convenience and Versatility

  • Programmed Delivery Profile allows up to 10 steps,
  • Individualizing control of infusion ramping and tapering.
  • Incremental Flow Rate can deliver 1-99.9 mL/hr in increments of 0.1 mL/hr .
  • Automatic Restart once occlusion clears.
  • Automatic Piggybacking of secondary medications.


  • Uses Baxter standard IV administration sets that eliminates the need for costly disposable sets and reduces the potential for waste.

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