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Heska VET/IV 2.2 Infusion Pump


“Intravenous fluids – the life-saving benefits are too numerous to mention”

The unit is easy to use, can be operated on battery or AC power, and can be mounted on a cage or IV pole. The Vet/IV Pump supports three pressure settings and can be programmed for very small to very large volumes with rate and time or rate and volume to be infused.

  • Micro and Macro Flow Rate:  Flow rate range from 0.1 – 999 ml/hour.
  • Multi-purpose:  Use of fluid replacement or to administer total parenteral nutrition (TPN), even in very small doses.
  • Multiple Programming Options:  Program up to 10 drip rates and times.  Program rate and time or rate and volume.
  • Multiple Pressure Settings:  Select from 3 pressure setting for different patient conditions.
  • Piggyback Capable:  Option to control the flow of fluid from two fluid bags.

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