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Idexx Onsite Diagnostic Laboratory Suite


“Rapid results for faster treatment, a better prognosis and reduced cost”

VetLab Station:

The IDEXX VetLab® Station Laboratory Information Management System integrates all diagnostic results from other IDEXX analyzers into a single report for a comprehensive view of a patient's health status.  Used in face-to-face communication with clients, it helps increase understanding and compliance.

ProCyte DX Hematology Analyzer:

The ProCyte Dx Hematology Analyzer offers a full menu of hematology parameters and prints onsite results in one comprehensive report.  The report provides a complete picture of a patient's health status and facilitates rapid communication with clients.

  • Three cutting-edge technologies: one unique analyzer
    Laser flow cytometry, optical fluorescence and Laminar Flow Impedance™ work together to give you unprecedented accuracy, speed and precision.
  • Two-minute run time
    Real-time answers during your patients’ visits let you share results and recommendations with clients face-to-face, while simple operation minimizes time and effort.
  • More complete medical information
    An advanced five-part white blood cell differential and absolute reticulocyte count along with validated results on 24 different blood parameters* give you with a more complete picture of each patients’ health.

Catalyst DX Chemistry Analyzer:

Revolutionary speed, throughput and flexibility gives the veterinarian results rapidly so cases can be manage simply and efficiently.

Save time with the automation of repetitive tasks

  • Load-and-go with convenient pre-prepared test slides.
  • Single slide flexibility
  • Onboard whole blood separation
  • Automated sample pipetting
  • Automated dilutions for easier UPC runs
  • Automatically generated results saved to the patient’s electronic medical record

Offers patients and clients real-time answers onsite.

  • Run multiple samples simultaneously
  • Add electrolytes to any panel.
  • Run a Chem 22 in just 8 minutes
  • Get preanesthetic panel results on 14 patients in an hour
  • Run up to 25 tests on a single sample
  • In seconds transfer blood from syringe to lithium heparin whole blood separator to analyzer

SNAPshot DX Analyzer:

IDEXX SNAP® devices are based on accurate, trusted ELISA technology. The SNAPshot Dx® Analyzer takes the advantages of ELISA technology one step further.

§  Snap, load and go for results in minutes. The analyzer works quickly and efficiently:

§  Reads the test at the appropriate time

§  Interprets the results consistently and accurately

§  Integrates the results into the patient record and invoice

§  Run multiple patient samples at once

§  Rely on proven SNAP® ELISA technology and an advanced optical system

§  Provide Real-Time Care™ to patients and clients

Coag DX Analyzer:

Detect clotting disorders immediately for the most successful treatment

§  Provides results immediately—when you need them the most.

VetLab UA Analyzer:

Easy and efficient—Results you can count on in about 80 seconds

Standardized operation and automation—provides consistent results through automation; human error is all but eliminated.

One-button operation—use a pipette to flood the strip with the urine sample, place it in the analyzer, press a button and walk away.

Efficiency—automatically reads and prints results, saving time and reducing errors.

Speed—provides results in approximately 80 seconds.

VetStat Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer:

Run the tests you need most to support your patients—whether healthy or sick, young or senior, routine or critical.

Easy to Use

  • User-friendly touch screen with simple menu-driven navigation
  • Automated sample aspiration reduces staff time and training
  • Whole blood, plasma or serum samples for electrolytes, glucose and ionized calcium results
  • Whole blood samples for acid-base and respiratory results
  • Room-temperature cassette storage so tests are ready to run at any time


  • On-board, species-specific reference ranges (canine, feline, equine, other)
  • Each disposable, single-use cassette has its calibration curve information captured in its bar code—no data entry required
  • Automated sample aspiration minimizes errors

Cost Effective

  • Single-use cassettes allow for a consistently low per-test price
  • 12-cassette packaging significantly reduces the risk of expired product


  • Battery or AC-operated
  • Rechargeable battery allows independent operation for up to 4 hours

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