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Karl Storz Rigid and Flexible Endoscopy System


“Extensive ability to examine, diagnose and treat patients with minimal invasion”

Small animal endoscopy is a rapidly growing field with significant applications in both soft tissue and orthopedic diagnostics and surgery.  Karl Storz endoscopy equipment is generally considered to be the world class leader of high-end human and veterinary endoscopy equipment.  Endoscopy allows less painful and faster healing alternatives to common procedures and in certain cases can surgery can be avoided completely.  Our state-of-the-art endoscopic unit is equipped with a 26 inch High Definition (HD) monitor, extensive imaging and video capability and 6 different rigid and flexible telescopes allowing us to perform extensive endoscopic procedures from arthroscopies to colonoscopies.  We have the ability to examine, remove foreign bodies and masses and collect biopsies from many different regions of the body including the ear, nose, mouth, esophagus, stomach and duodenum, elbow joint, stifle joint, hip joint, colon, bladder and vaginal tract.  This gives us an extensive ability to examine, diagnose and treat patients with minimally invasive procedures saving time, money and stress on both the patient and client.

  • Allows examination of the esophagus and upper gastric tract
  • Allows removal of gastric foreign objects without surgery
  • Allows examination of the nose, mouth, ears and joints
  • Allows examination of the vaginal tract and bladder
  • Allows us to perform Transcervical Insemination (TCI) without the risk of anesthesia and surgery with a success rate similar to surgical insemination
  • 26 inch HD monitor for ultimate clarity
  • Imaging and video capability
  • 6 different rigid and flexible endoscopes

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