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SCAN-X® Digital Dental Radiography Systems


“Dental radiography is essential in the delivery of high-quality dental care”

ScanX rapidly produces digital, diagnostic quality radiographs.  This system can detect pathologies under the gum that are not visible during a routine examination without radiographs. By revealing hidden pathology, ScanX images allows for improved patient care accurate communication with pet owners when discussing their pet’s dental treatments.  ScanX is easy to operate and enables the veterinarian to discover and prevent severe underlying dental disease.

  • Streamlined, rapid imaging process.
  • Utilizes durable, reusable phosphor plates.
  • Produces diagnostic quality, detail-rich digital dental images.
  • Elimination of film processing including chemical storage and disposal.
  • No darkroom required, operates in normal room lighting.
  • Virtually instantaneous image acquisition, transmittal and availability.
  • Enhanced patient care and comfort.

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