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Sound-Eklin TruDR eSeries Digital Radiology System


“The standard for veterinary digital radiography”

Uncompromising image quality; patented image processing technology produces consistent and outstanding images quickly with reduced exposure techniques.  Positioning Assistant™ provides technicians with instant feedback to make sure that the correct anatomy is included in the image. Positioning Assistant™ also confirms that the image is oriented properly before sending to PACS and before being viewed by the doctor.  Sound-Eklin® SoundSafe™ provides secure cloud-based image storage and access with remote viewing -- anywhere, anytime, on any device. Usage of SoundSafe™ creates redundant backup of images and user databases leveraging and extending the life of your current system infrastructure.

  • Enhanced Modality Worklist support - eliminate data entry errors.
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable Protocols that speed-up exams while increasing revenue and quality
  • Images in under 6 seconds from exposure
  • Images are automatically distributed to PACS
  • Positioning Assistant™ is available to aid positioning and orientation
  • Automatic updates engine

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