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CTX Companion Therapy Class IV Laser


“CTX is the future of laser therapy”

The CTX combines advanced features with a redesigned approach to dosing that gives you an unmatched level of versatility and control over your treatments.  The CTX provides dosing solutions for the new, intermediate, and advanced user alike.  A high-definition user interface provides a superior experience, and with the flexible architecture, you never have to worry about out-of-date technology.

  • Perfect Protocol™ with SmartCoat® Plus Technology
    Give your patients the most customized protocols ever, enter target power, energy density, the size of the treatment area, body type, coat length, coat color, and skin color for the perfect treatment every time.
  • Detailed Species-Specific Protocols
    The CTX includes detailed protocols including specific conditions protocols for canine, feline, equine, and exotic animals.
  • Empower™ Delivery System
    As with all Companion Therapy Lasers, the CTX comes equipped with the Empower Delivery System, including 4 application-specific treatment attachments.  The Empower Delivery System includes the patented deep-tissue applicator and the most durable fiber on the market.
  • Patient Tracker
  • Long-Life Battery Operation
  • Flexible Architecture
  • High-Definition User Interface with Client Education Resources
  • 0.5 – 15 watts of therapeutic power
  • Manual Operation Mode for Completely Customizable Treatment Setup

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